The Principles of Foot Massage

The Principles of Foot Massage

The important foot rubdown principle consists of: the blood move principle, the precept of reflection endocrine and the meridian concept.
1 blood movement principle
Whole frame's blood flow of the thrashing of the human heart, driven in huge stream of blood within the arteries smooth the intravenous blood isn't always clean, intravenous blood waft than arterial blood glide charge is gradual. The vein internal easy blood impurities consisting of uric acid crystal, very smooth to relax. These sediments are concern to the impact of Earth's gravity, over a few years, the final stranded within the human foot, causing the foot to bad blood flow. As a result, the coronary heart will burden the tissues and organs of the body dependent, the body's tissues and organs characteristic will cross a long decline, humans will sense uncomfortable, causing varying degrees of extraordinary reactions of the human frame. Full foot reflex area rubdown, foot temperature will boom the blood waft velocity (changed into decided that there's no foot rubdown, foot blood float velocity of 12mm / s, complete rubdown foot blood glide rate can attain 24 - 25mm / s); sediments of foot rubdown damaged, it's going to take part in the circulate as blood circulation elevated re-excreted through the urinary system and excretory organs. Three-5 days after our complete foot reflex zone rubdown, you'll find very turbid and excreted in the urine smell may be very sturdy, which makes the entire frame feels comfy and energetic. Stimulation of the foot reflex sector rub down can enhance blood move, lessen the load at the coronary heart, enhance metabolic function.

2 mirrored image precept endocrine
The reflex is a response to outside stimuli. There may be various levels of modifications within the foot reflex points corresponding ordinary phenomenon while the tissues and organs of the body, such as: bubbles, sand granular, granular, bar lock like small nodules. Massage to stimulate reflex zones is very obvious tenderness, this pain along the afferent nerves to the critical worried conduction coordination, crucial fearful system, the prevalence of latest nerve impulse conduction alongside efferent to the tissues and organs in the frame, inflicting a series of neurohumoral regulation, stimulating the body's ability to regulate the body's immunity and sickness resistance feature, regulating a few imbalance within the body; mirrored image of the unique pathology records can also block the cerebral cortex of sufferers has fashioned a pathological when excited stove, touch and pressure and pain impulses got here by foot reflex area might be formed any other excited range, at the side of the the rub down time the extension of this pleasure stove inside the superposition law of effect will step by step fortify, and extra than a pathological pleasure stove, be suppressed even absolutely disappear. Meanwhile, the body will generate quite a few unique substance, along with infrared radiation, energy and magnetism, and a spread of endogenous drug component , these specific substance, thing is the most useful to the human frame, the simplest remedy component, foot rub down will seem magical impact is totally reasonable.

Three. Meridian principle

The Meridian Theory is the main idea of traditional Chinese remedy, traditional medicine. Five thousand years in the past the Chinese Yellow Emperor records and foot rubdown allows health concept toe, articles. Contemporary technological know-how has proved the human meridian is there, its shape is the meridian line, cuticle thin, so low impedance; meridian line is very sensitive, very wealthy in nerve endings and nerve bundles around; meridian line rich in capillaries and especially dense, metabolic blood drift exuberant, so excessive infrared radiation; meridians across the mast cells into the chain-like dense association, it is particularly luminescent; meridians at some stage in a completely skinny connective tissue package country channel , this channel having a excessive vibration sound traits.

Meridian is a channel, the obstruction will experience uncomfortable. Meridian line is connected via the hole factor of numerous frame parts, quite a few factors on our toes whilst we rub down the foot reflex zones, will stimulate those factors, it is the same with the blood stream and the mirrored image precept along meridian line line conduction. This conduction like dominoes, and for this reason play a role to clear the meridians, TCM believes that pain is unreasonable, no longer pain, is the truth, so massage foot reflex sector can play the position of the dredge meridians.
In precis, whilst our foot reflex zone massage stimulation, those principles are unified on the equal time play a role, rather than independently to maximize its effectiveness, so the foot reflex quarter rubdown will show a very alarming fitness results .

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